Powering Scalable Data Storage into a Sustainable Future

Solar & Data: A Natural Fit



Data will soon rival the sun’s rays in its ubiquity. As the volume of stored data explodes, and as data centers consume an increasing percentage of the world’s energy, smart data centers around the world are leveraging solar power for their fast-growing energy needs.


Locally Sourced Power

At DP Facilities we take sustainability seriously. We’re building a solar farm next to our flagship Mineral Gap Data Center — located in the heart of Virginia’s coal country.

We’re not only going solar to supply clean power for our facility, we’re participating in Southwest Virginia’s transformation from a resource-extraction economy to a renewably powered ecosystem of opportunity.

Helping Customers Go Green

From government agencies to healthcare organizations to commercial enterprises, sustainability is more than a buzz word. It’s a commitment to be lived. Our use of renewable energy enables customers’ data-storage practices to align with their sustainability goals.