DP Facilities, Inc.

DP Facilities offers assets and services that strengthen customers’ ability to store, manage, and leverage their data to advance their mission and goals. We believe customers should have the freedom to choose their preferred operational environment, and to scale or consolidate based on their own needs.

We keep our core values tangible and visible:

  • Security and resilience aren’t just industry jargon — they’re imperatives.
  • “Good enough” is never good enough.
  • America’s public and private IT infrastructure must continually evolve to be the best and safest in the world.

DP Facilities is 100% owned by U.S. citizens and 100% based in the U.S. This isn't to convey or nurture a cultural or political environment of exclusion, but rather to assure customers exploring the benefits of colocation or hybrid colo that in these uncertain and dangerous times, when they face so many man-made and natural threats, their digital assets are protected in one of the best data centers in the U.S., providing unparalleled resilience, security and efficiency.

Mineral Gap, our flagship data center that is located in Wise, Virginia — known as “The Safest Place on Earth” — is the perfect and enduring example of our core values and worldview in action. Every asset and service DP Facilities offers likewise empowers customers to pursue their mission knowing their digital footprint is truly secure.

Moreover, our customers have very high security and performance standards. As a top-quality data center company in the U.S., we continually monitor and engage with the security community to remain abreast of and defend against the latest adversary tradecraft, be it foreign or domestic.