Redundancy Means Better Up-Time

Your search for secure data center solutions just succeeded. Mineral Gap’s colocation backup & recovery solutions and cloud backup & recovery solutions have attracted numerous government agencies and other customers to choose Mineral Gap — DP Facilities, Inc.’s flagship facility — to house their critically important data and services.

High-Resilience Location: This 65,000-square-­foot colocation center, located on a 22-acre site in Wise County, Virginia’s Lonesome Pine Regional Business and Technology Park, is ideally positioned to serve as your primary or secondary data center location, thanks to the region’s stable climate and ample power.

Reliability: Mineral Gap features dedicated data halls, suites and cages to limit traffic. Diverse fiber providers supply multiple redundant routes into the facility, ensuring that the site will never go down. The facility is designed with N+2 redundancy, and requires no shutdowns for equipment replacement and maintenance. Mission­-critical components in the data center are protected by a redundant delivery path for power and cooling.

Efficiency & Power: Capital and operating costs for clients are significantly reduced by Mineral Gap’s sophisticated design methodology. This state-of-the-art colo facility has up to 45 MW of power, low cost electricity (6 cents per kwh), and an estimated PUE of 1.2. Lower expenses allow you to scale your IT operations as you grow.

Convenience: Most technical maintenance can be handled remotely, but for upkeep that requires onsite rack access, Mineral Gap coordinates closely with clients who prefer to send their own IT staff to the site, and we maintain a network of trusted local talent for clients to tap when outsourcing your IT managed services is the best option.

Security: Mineral Gap is a high-strength, pre-cast concrete facility that enforces strict anti-terrorism protection measures. The data center’s enhanced security includes K-rated, U.S. Department of State certified anti-ram fencing, wedge barriers, a perimeter blast berm and counter-IED protective measures. The facility is equipped with a dedicated force of armed security personnel who are on duty 24/7/365, an advanced tactical command center, and extensive video and counter-surveillance systems. Biometric and key card multi-factor authentication provide strict access control all the way to the cage level. Mineral Gap is NIST 800 compliant and is SSAE 16 and SOC 1 & SOC 2 compliant.

Fiber Connectivity: Mineral Gap offers multiple fiber carriers through two redundant routes into the facility, one from the south and one from the north. We intentionally positioned the data center in the Mid-Atlantic to leverage the new MAREA submarine cable being laid across the Atlantic Ocean, from Virginia Beach to Spain. Our fiber connections offer true, multi-directional, upstream-downstream redundancy.

Growth Capacity: The secure technology corridor provides ample room for growth, and enables your business to expand its IT infrastructure in a single location. Future development of the campus (Phases II & III) will accommodate 200,000+ square feet of data center space and administrative support buildings. This expansion will utilize more than 50 acres of additional adjacent land under option on the site, and allow you to scale your infrastructure quickly and inexpensively. Additionally, Mineral Gap provides customers with up to 45 MW of power — all at a low cost of 6 cents per kWh.