Partnering for Your 24/7 Technical Support: Red River

DP Facilities understands the reality IT people face: too much to do, too little time to do it all. We also know Murphy’s Law loves to strike at the worst possible times. That’s why we’re partnering with Red River to staff our Managed Services Desk (MSD). The MSD is the customer interface of our Network Operations Center (NOC) and has service experts standing by, ready to provide you with tech support whenever you need it — every day, every night, all year long.

Red River

Shared Values

Red River and DP Facilities, Inc., share a customer-first, performance-oriented philosophy that’s based on a true commitment to excellence. Such shared values are vital to consistently serving the growing and changing data-management needs of businesses, government agencies and healthcare organizations, not just for years but for decades.

Shared Leadership

Like DP Facilities, Red River is a multigenerational company. Red River grew from three employees to 150 over its nearly 40 years of providing advanced managed IT and cloud computing solutions. Red River serves as an end-to-end extension of many information technology teams throughout the greater Washington, D.C., region and beyond.

Shared Opportunity

The global explosion of digital assets and exponential growth of data creates new needs and fresh opportunities every day. Savvy data center customers are looking to companies like DP Facilities and Red River — solutions providers with a proven track record, the ability to scale, and the willingness to tailor their offerings to meet customer needs — to help them grow and manage the infrastructure they need to make the most of those opportunities.

Shared Future

During this transformational era in the world’s digital life, DP Facilities and Red River remain grounded and unwavering in their focus on timeless IT essentials: outstanding customer service, deep technical expertise, and proactively building capacity to serve as a resource in multiple service scenarios. Red River shares DP Facilities’ forward-thinking posture and always-on ability to support customer success.