Redundancy is Relevancy

Iron-clad Infrastructure for Effortless Enterprise

Mineral Gap Data Center delivers the resiliency, capacity and reliability required to keep your business running in the event of a man­made or natural disaster. Use Mineral Gap as a hot, warm or cold site — or as part of your cloud-based disaster recovery strategy.


DRaaS Expertise 24/7

When disaster strikes, you need to restore your operations as fast as possible. We provide:

  • Operational continuity and ready-to-go infrastructure for disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS)
  • Experts available around the clock
  • Cutting­-edge technologies & backup systems for connectivity, power and cooling

Cost-Effective Failover

Today’s disaster recovery services, whether cloud-based or not, are practically unimaginable without a remote data center at its core. By deploying DRaaS, you can keep a replica of your data hosted at Mineral Gap that you can failover to in an emergency, without bearing any of the infrastructure costs or maintenance responsibilities.

Reduce & Manage Costs

With the burden of maintaining secondary hardware to store replicated data for disaster recovery purposes transferred to Mineral Gap Data Center, your IT department can shift spending from capital expenditures to operational expenditures. Without having to own the hardware or be responsible for its maintenance, Mineral Gap frees you from having to keep disaster recovery experts on staff.

Mineral Gap is equipped with:

  • Priority fueling in times of crisis and shortage.
  • A 7,000-square-foot fenced-in satellite farm enclosure with eight large concrete satellite dish antenna pads.
  • Emergency backup power via the administration-area 650 kW Cummins generator.
  • Direct cross-connects to data PODs to support equipment.
  • Mobile Asset Pads (MAPs) as Secure Disaster Recovery pads for mobile communications, satcom and continuity of operations for event-driven responses and training/exercising.